Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some comments on mobile blogging

Well for the most part it worked! I'd like to have taken more photos but I always have this fear that rain and mobile phones dont mix!

Things only went wrong once on a post i tried to make describing the clues. My masterpiece vanished into the ether. :-( Another slight problem is the fact that i dont seem to be able to reply to comments (dont worry nick, i have permission if I show The Other Girl in a certain light;-)).

The final quirk of the implementation on this specific phone is the fact that you need to send a picture along with your post. The good thing about that is it forces you to be a little extra creative with what you can find around!

Anyway take a look at nick's lostpedia entry on today's events if he's made it already. I'll post more details later when i can use my laptop and be sure i wont lose it all:-)


Blogger Kyegrolic Qodothia said...

A virtually unknown person once again snags the first comment.

5:19 AM  

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